Our Services

Auto System provides placement services to its candidates based on the client’s requirements. We have a proven track record of providing the right candidates for the right place at the right time.

Our strength is our ability to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and any particular requirements they may have for a vacancy. This then allows us to effectively analyze a resolving issue and be able to recommend the most effective solution based on one or more of our service lines.

Mobile App Development

Mobile technology has made it possible to stay connected longer, and in many cases, all the time, as enterprises find themselves moving beyond the desktop to meet their customer and employee needs.

Whether you need to hire a mobile app developer to augment your current team, contract subject matter experts to help with a certain aspect of your project, such as business analysis, custom UX/UI design, code development, project management, and/or quality assurance, or are looking for a complete end-to-end or mobile app development solution to be delivered, we can meet your needs. Auto System designs, develops, and delivers mobile apps across all the major platforms, including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile..

Web Applications

Our web application development team creates web applications designed to meet specific business requirements. Leveraging our hands-on experience in the latest technologies like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Angular, Node.js, React, and Python, we simplify complex business workflows with adaptive web apps.

Maintenance & Support

At Auto System, we offer end-to-end maintenance and support services for all types of software applications in multiple technologies to our existing and new clients. Our maintenance and support services include bug tracking and fixing, tech updates, security, backups, feature enhancement, regular updates, and reinventing tech landscapes to help meet business needs. We take care of software maintenance proactively to make sure that it is bug-free when it is deployed. To make your web application resilient and secure, we adhere to the latest application software maintenance methods.

Software Quality Assurance

Our QA and software testing services are designed to bring tangible value to your organization. Taking advantage of our expertise in this field, we guarantee that your software undergoes extensive testing, leaving no room for errors or glitter. The result is a high-performing and reliable product that adds real business value to your operation. Experience our services to customize your operation and provide an extraordinary user experience. .

Microsoft Application

At Auto System, we take pride in being a globally recognized custom software development company based in Bangalore, India. Our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart. Servicing more than 1500+ customers across the globe, we offer end-to-end managed IT services that encompass every aspect of software development services. Our expertise lies in providing custom software solutions tailored to your unique business application needs. As one of the leading IT companies in Bangalore, we have established ourselves as experts in the field. We have been recognized by reputable platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms, solidifying our position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking custom software development services.

ERP System

ERP software systems are the most popular enterprise resource management tools. They can help bring transparency to business operations, monitor financial activities, and streamline internal business processes. These operations include manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, human resources, and warehouse management. An ERP software development company plays an important role in availing of these benefits and keeping you ahead in business.

Digital Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the key to driving targeted traffic to your website and reaching your online marketing goals. It involves using paid advertising strategies on search engines like Google to increase your website's visibility and attract potential customers. With Auto System, you can harness the power of SEM to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. By leveraging advanced keyword research and optimization techniques, we ensure that your ads are shown to the right people at the right time..

PLC Automation

Auto Systems provide flexible, ruggedized, and easily programmable controllers to replace hard-wired relays and timers. Since then, they have been widely adopted as high-reliability automation controllers suitable for harsh environments.

Embedded System

A privately held company focused on embedded system technology services. We provide services in product design and development. We cover the complete lifecycle from project definition, initial design, and development through deployment.

Civil Design

Creating Better Civil Solutions We work towards leveraging state-of-the-art technology and global engineers to engage in advanced design practices and provide cost-effective civil engineering design solutions that make sure our clients adopt and develop design development delightfully. Our civil engineering services enable us to administer civil engineering consulting and real-time solutions to help designers, builders, and companies work more efficiently..

Automobile Design

Auto System Services has established a stellar reputation by offering top-notch quality car design services in India. We have in place the best automotive practices and work with a team of highly-talented, qualified, and certified automotive designers and engineers. By following tried and tested methods, we aim to bring experience, expertise, and insight to the management of knowledge and programs.

Proficient recruitment services

Our recruitment services are a one-stop-shop for all your manpower needs in a cost-effective manner. A deep understanding of our client needs is our stronghold, which is powered by our adept recruiters who can fish out the right candidate customized to your skill set. We strive towards achieving a maximum rate of closure with our clients, providing them with the value of the money and time invested in us .

Outsourced recruitment

The right candidate is one call away. Yes, that’s true! Our outsourced recruitment service offers you the right channel to attain a suitable candidate matching your requirements. Our service can be a good bargain for you as it enables you to avoid the hassle of hiring a full-time employee for this purpose, thus making the whole process much smoother and faster. The accuracy of the assessed candidates provided to our client is a symbol of our efficiency and core screening skills.

Technically Screened Freshers

Our services will give you access to technically assessed freshmen from a pool of freshmen from highly credited institutions. These candidates are screened with the help of rigorous test plans custom-made to suit your requirements. Our service will not only save you time and money but will also enable you to reach the right candidate within a shorter period of time. Our industrially tailored test plans scrutinize the candidates to the core and have the ability to sharpen their technical skills, leading them to their dream jobs.